Hastings Bands

2018 Colorguard
  • Colorguard training sessions begin TBA
  • Training Sessions Schedule (TBA)
  • What is Colorguard?

      The Colorguard compliments the music the Hastings Marching Band performs through the use of flags, rifles, sabers, theater, and dance. We perform on streets for parades during the Summer and on football fields for field shows in the Fall. The Colorguard consists of young men and women who all have different talents, different schedules, and different personalities but strive to perform as one.

  • Attendance and Rehearsals

      Attendance is crucial to this program. If one person is gone, it affects the entire colorguard's performance in trying to fill that hole. It is of the utmost importance to be on time to every rehearsal. Rehearsal dates are set weeks in advance. Please try to arrange work and other activities around this schedule. Work and school work DOES NOT count as an excused absence. No unexcused absences are allowed and no more than two performances can be missed to receive a letter; for summer and Fall season. If a person misses two rehearsals, the week before a competition, he/she will not be able to perform, and the performance will be unexcused. The person will still be required to come along and support his/her team. If an emergency arises, please don't hesitate to talk to staff and we can work it out. A written note from a parent must be handed to staff BEFORE a scheduled performance is to be excused. A phone call or a written note must be given to staff BEFORE a missed rehearsal to be excused. Each member is responsible for learning the missed material BEFORE the next rehearsal. Please wear comfortable, form-fitting, clothing (NO JEANS) and tennis/dance shoes to each rehearsal.

  • Equipment

      Equipment for the colorguard is provided through the school. We are able to purchase updated equipment and props to fit each year's show through the Marching Band Member Fee. Each colorguard member is allowed to check out equipment to take home and is responsible for that equipment throughout the year. There will be a small equipment fee for each member of the colorguard. This fee will be returned if the equipment is returned at the end of the year in good shape, with the usual wear and tear as up to the discresion of the staff. We are asking each member to make a "Flag Bag" to carry their equipment. They can be easily made by sewing a folded towel together, and cutting one side for a shoulder strap. This should be brought to the first practice. Tryouts will be scheduled for Rifle and Saber line later in the season.

  • Uniforms

      Uniforms are part of the visual effect the colorguard brings to the show. They are purchased through the Costume Fee. This includes the costume, costume bag, shoes, make-up, and accessories. This does not include gloves (required for rifle or saber). Each member is responsible for the hemming/sewing for performance appearance, keeping their uniform clean and bringing it to each performance.

  • Colorguard Captain

      If you are a Junior or a Senior as of the next school year, you will be able to tryout for Colorguard Captain and/or Section Leader. The Captain must show leadership, must be at the majority of rehearsals and performances, and be willing to help when needed. A section leader will help during rehearsals and must also be able to show leadership. Please see staff for an application!