Hastings Bands

  • Directors: Emily Chandler, Thomas Wentzler
  • Percussion Staff: Josh Wahlstrom, Eddie Starr, Josh Van Sant
  • Colorguard Staff: Lindsey Wetterhahn, Alice Flom, Dalton Allen
  • Additional Staff: Jacob Daniel, Abe Kummer, Travis Perkins, Elizabeth Peine
  • Music Composition: Gary P. Gilroy Publications
  • Percussion Arrangements: Josh Wahlstrom, Mark Diischer
  • Visual Design: Joel Matuzak
  • Drum Major: Ben Wentzler
  • Soloists: Jonah Walt-Soprano Saxophone, Dani Clifford-Flugelhorn
  • The Show: Stagecoach— The show is comprised of 4 movements: Mvt 1 “Go West”, Mvt 2 “The Trail”, Mvt 3 “Heist” and Mvt 4 ”Frontier”
  • Awards:
    • Eden Prairie: 3rd Place
    • Eastview: 4th Place
    • Rosemount: 1st Place; Outstanding Winds, Percussion and Colorguard
    • Marshall: 1st Place; Outstanding General Effect, Music, Visual, Brass, Woodwinds, Batterie Percussion, Concert Percussion (pit) and Colorguard
    • Champlin Park: 1st Place; Outstanding Visual, Percussion and Colorguard
    • Youth In Music Marching Band Championships: 3rd Place Class AA; 12th out of 26 bands
Marching Band