Hastings Bands

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5th grade band is the root of the tree. It is the foundation for students interested in participating in music performance in their school community and throughout the rest of their lives. Our instrument classes and rehearsals occur during the school day. During classes and rehearsals, we focus on developing performance skills in instrument playing position, tone production, music reading, musicianship, proper care and maintenance of the instrument, and practice skills.

School band not only teaches music, it offers a unique environment in where students develop self- confidence, responsibility, self-expression, cooperation, and communication skills. Band registration information is mailed home to all 4th graders in the middle of March. Registration begins with our Instrument Fair in late March/early April. The registration form can be obtained from the mailing or at your elementary school office beginning in the middle of March. Choosing an instrument that the player is well suited to is crucial for success. Therefore, band registration forms should be turned in after proper instrument fitting occurs at the Instrument Fair.

Please browse the Hastings Bands Website for more detailed information about our band program.